A replica of Seoul in the Metaverse


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South Korea has announced the launch of an ambitious Metaverse project that seeks to recreate Seoul as a hub for virtual tourism, business, and leisure activities. The project “Seoul Cityscape” is a collaboration between the government, private companies, and the public sector.

The Metaverse replica of Seoul will appear as a 3D interactive city environment. It will include virtual replications of landmark sites such as Gyeongbok Palace and Seoul City Hall, as well as a range of tourist attractions. Visitors get the opportunity to experience a range of activities, such as exploring ancient sites, discovering new places, shopping, attending cultural events and shows, and taking strolls through parks and other locations. The virtual environment will also be designed to promote business. Enterprises and entrepreneurs will be able to conduct meetings and collaborate with colleagues and clients in the metaverse without having to set foot in a physical space. Hotels and restaurants can replicate their real-world offerings and visitors can take virtual tours of their best locations.

The Seoul Cityscape project will provide endless opportunities for cultural engagement. People from around the world will be able to experience the culture of South Korea from the comfort of their homes. As well as being able to just ‘hang out’ with friends, visitors could also join virtual events and interactive experiences that will combine elements of South Korea’s past and present, such as classical and modern architecture, traditional music, and esports. Ultimately, the Seoul Cityscape project will enable people to enjoy a taste of South Korean culture from anywhere in the world. It promises to be an impressive feat of engineering and innovation, and a great way to help promote South Korean culture and technology to a global audience.

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