A Web3 Learning Workshop at NYU


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New York University (NYU) and Near Protocol recently announced their new partnership to launch a Web3 Learning Workshop. The workshop will be an in-depth course on building Web3 applications on the Near Protocol, an open-source blockchain platform. The purpose of the workshop is to introduce developers to the fundamentals of building blockchain and decentralized applications (dapps) with Near Protocol.


Near Protocol is a high-performance, infinitely-scalable, efficient and secure platform designed to build Web3 applications with the blockchain. The workshop will teach participants the basics of writing code, deploying dapps, and interacting with the public blockchain on the Near Protocol. It will be led by Near’s professional engineers and instructors with years of experience in blockchain and decentralized technologies. Participants will learn the fundamentals of developing, deploying and maintaining Web3 applications that are compatible with the Near Protocol. Additionally, they will be allowed to explore Near’s large developer ecosystem, familiarize themselves with the platform’s tools and practice developing Web3 applications in a hands-on environment. This Web3 Learning Workshop is a great opportunity for developers interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the near Protocol and its capabilities. Furthermore, this workshop is expected to be the first of many initiatives for collaboration between NYU and Near Protocol. This partnership is a big step forward for the blockchain ecosystem, as it creates an environment for adopting and experimenting with Web3 applications.

The workshop will be held this summer in New York City. The course will feature lectures and interactive workshops that cover basic blockchain concepts as well as provide insights and tips from experts in the industry. With this workshop, NYU and Near Protocol are continuing their efforts to encourage the development of Web3 applications on their platform.

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