ClubStubs and Appetite Creative develop collectible ticket stubs for major sporting events on the Solana Blockchain


Published by Appelink

14 November 2022, London – Digital sports collectibles platform ClubStubs, in partnership with creative technology studio Appetite Creative, has created commemorative non-fungible token (NFT) ticket stubs available to American Football fans across more than 100 live games during the 2022 season.  

The unique crypto-based rewards system includes games tied to real-world matchups, with the NFTs hosted on the Solana blockchain featuring distinct artwork for every team. In every game, each team is tied to a batch of Stubs (NFTs) that are sold directly to fans, and available to be resold or traded to other fans. ClubStubs is the first company to offer NFT value based on real world event results. Fans can buy a stub for their favourite team each time they play. If the team wins, your stub is worth its fair share of the airdrop.

The brand and platform was designed and built by the team at Appetite Creative. The adopted cloud server is based on elastic resources to enable game scalability. Within the web app, users are able to mint stubs (NFTs) ahead of time and then buy or sell stubs during game play, and post-match in a simple marketplace. Stubs are bought in support of a team that is playing, and all stubs bought for that game go into an airdrop pool for the winning team. Airdrop operates as a rewards programme, and the entire user journey is rooted in a fanbase first mentality. ClubStubs offers a transparent and approachable art marketplace that rewards users for their real world sports fandom, bringing sports fans into the metaverse.

“Finally fans can be part of something that simply “uses” NFTs. This isn’t some overhyped release with a spammy roadmap, it’s a fun transparent concept that just didn’t make sense economically until NFTs came along. We’re extremely pleased with the results delivered by the expert team at Appetite Creative. From brand design to Solana development, the team delivered a high-quality end-to-end solution that met all of our requirements,” said Jake Richard, Founder at ClubStubs.

“We’re proud of the services we’ve created to help creative brands develop and evolve blockchain projects. The complex ClubStubs project involved a mix of launching NFT collections, P2E games, and design which we strived to deliver in a simple and accessible way to ensure a first-class user experience,” said Jenny Stanley, Managing Director at Appetite Creative.

ClubStubs operates entirely across the Solana blockchain to make it easy for fans to participate by using a popular cryptocurrency instead of requiring a complex swap.

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