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Hubbub around NFTs: One of the main concerns of users entering the Metaverse is finding the best and safest way to do business and avoid losing money or being scammed. In this week and also the following week, we will give you an overview of the qualifications of each trusted platform that you can choose depending on your needs, and we will go over the most important news that you should pay attention to.

Hubbub around NFTs: Market tips

Top NFT trading platforms in 2022- Part 1

  1. OpenSea

NFT‌ Categories: Art, Photography, Music, Sports

Blockchain Platform: Ethereum, Polygon, Clayton


Available in almost all types of NFT for sale.

Supports approximately 150 different coins.

Uses very secure blockchains.

2. Rarible

NFT‌ Category: Art, Photography & Games

Blockchain Platform: Ethereum, Flow, Thesis


You have three different options for choosing a blockchain.

It belongs to a community of users.

Low fee for transaction costs.

3. Foundation

NFT‌ Categories: Fine Arts, Digital Art, 3D Art, and Photography

Blockchain Platform: Ethereum, Exodus


A market focused on artists.

It has carefully selected and unique NFTs.

Provides high-quality NFT art pieces.

4. Axie Infinity

NFT‌ Category: Games

Blockchain Platform: Ethereum

Its focus is on game technology

An efficient market for NFT.

5. NBA Top Shots

NFT‌ category: Sports

Blockchain Platform: Flow


The nature of its market is sports-oriented.

The fee for performing platform transactions is low.

It has high security.

6. Decebtraland

NFT‌ category: Properties, Avatar Wearables, and Letters

Blockchain Platform: Ethereum


It offers the best form of digital assets.

Provides a significant profit ratio.

It can not be manipulated.

We will share the rest in the next few weeks! Stay tuned!

Top news: Hubbub around NFTs – Week 11

#1. OpenSea now supports Solana NFTs in beta

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) based on the Solana blockchain (SOL), the competitor of Ethereum (ETH) are now supported by the mainstream NFT market OpenSea.

According to the OpenSea website, support for Solana NFT is currently in beta and available with limited suite coverage. “The full rollout will include a scalable capability to extend coverage through the Metaplex suite standard,” OpenSea said.

#2. Bitcoin is breaking records!

A digital currency market analyst says bitcoin could break it’s all-time record in the coming months. He also expects the overall market to turn positive by the end of 2022.

According to Daily Hodl, Nicholas Merten, digital currency analyst and host of the DataDash video program on YouTube, has said that bitcoin will peak sooner than most traders think.

Merton told the 514,000 followers of his new app on the Data Dash YouTube channel that bitcoin will reach the $65,000 mark again sooner than many expect and that fundamental developments will fuel this upward trend.

#3. A NASA astronaut launched NFT as the first entry into the metaverse!

Former NASA astronaut Scott Kelly officially unveiled his first irreplaceable token (NFT) to support the war effort in Ukraine.

“Dreams Come Out of This World” is being released on World Human Flight Day and 100% of the proceeds from its sale will go to the Global Empowerment Mission to help Ukraine fight its invaders.

#4. Moonbirds dominate NFT with $290M in four days

The newly launched Moonbirds NFT project topped the NFT charts in terms of trading volume after selling for $290 million in four days.

There are a total of 10,000 NFTs of Moonbirds pixel owl avatars sold for 2.5 Ethereum(ETH) per NFT or $7,700 at current prices on April 16. The minimum (average minimum) price has since risen on the secondary markets, with the OpenSea exchange currently showing a hefty price of 18.45 Atriums for this set of NFTs, or about $56,800. The project has raised more than $289.9 million in secondary sales. This makes Moonbirds the best-selling NFT series in the seven-day and 30-day indexes.

#5. Shiba steps into the competition market!

Shibverse can compete with other projects active in the field of metaverse, such as Decentraland!

According to the Wall Street site and according to the team on this project, Shiba wants to create a new experience of the world of metaverse for everyone. Shiba Ino has one of the largest active cryptocurrency communities, and with this media power, it can naturally achieve great goals.

Shiba Digital Currency is a new meme coin created in August 2020 to compete with Dogecoin, currently acting as one of the top cryptocurrencies in the cryptocurrency market.

Unlike Dogecoin, Shiba can support smart contracts and decentralized applications, or DApps. This problem has led the owners of these cryptocurrencies to fully support this cryptocurrency.

Many experts believe that Shiba has entered the world of metaverse to compete with Decentraland.

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