Hubbub around NFTs: Week in review 1-8 Feb


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Hubbub around NFTs: This week, as usual, we collect news from various industries related to blockchain, NFTs and so on. Let’s take a look at what happened in the world of fashion, music and entertainment and, of course, industry last week.


#1. GameStop Partners with Immutable X For A Gas-Free NFT Marketplace

Firstly Etherium is known as a blockchain with high gas costs and high energy consumption. Gamestop, a leading retailer of physical games, is partnering with leading NFT scaling platform Immutable X to create a new NFT marketplace on the Ethereum blockchain. They announce that the platform will be 100% carbon neutral and enable gas-free transactions.

looking forward to seeing how the industry will address the environmental problems caused by block chains.


#2. NFT Museum Showcases Digital Artworks

The Seattle NFT Museum in the United states displays original artwork along with explanations of the technology behind it to help visitors navigate the new world of non-fungible tokens.

“The point of having a physical place is to facilitate access for everyone,” the museum’s co-founder, Peter Hamilton, told AFP.

No matter how familiar you are with NFTs, you can walk through the museum and enjoy the digital artwork in various shapes and sizes.

Here is a video of the museum.


#3. ‘OurSong’ NFT Platform for Artists And Musicians, Cofounded By John Legend

American singer and songwriter John Legend has recently entered the NFT business world by founding a “social commerce platform” called OurSong.

When you register on the platform, you have access to chat rooms, superfan communities and unreleased music. The NFTs are called Vibes and users do not need an external crypto wallet to use the platform.

Platforms like these can take the whole music industry to the next level.


#4. Nike Sued Retailer StockX for Selling Sneaker NFTs

We covered StockX’s news about selling sneaker NFTs on their online platform previously.

Now, having reached a value of more than $3.8 billion, they were summoned to federal court by Nike for selling over 500 unauthorized images of Nike-branded NFTs!

Both sides have not released any further information yet, probably we should wait until the court decision.


#5. Investing $100 million in Pixel Vault to boost its platform

Pixel Vault is a media company focused on promoting cryptocurrencies across a variety of media through intellectual property development and decentralization. They recently made it to the top tier of non-fungible companies and boast of raising $100 million for further development.

According to Pixel Vault, the new venture is “aimed to leverage NFTs and intellectual property to tell the stories of crypto-native communities across a variety of mediums, including television, movies, and video games.”

That was our hubbub around NFTs. I hope you enjoyed it.

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