Hubbub around NFTs: Week in review 24-31 Jan


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Hubbub around NFTs: As we promised last week, each week we’ll take a look at what’s happened in the world of NFTs in the past week, what’s good to know and find out which areas or markets are set to be conquered by non-fungible tokens!

Social media

#1.YouTube Will Explore NFT Features

So far, several bloggers have made tutorial videos about NTFs, cryptocurrencies etc. on Youtube and now this platform is one of the latest social media platforms to announce that it’ll look into adding non-fungible token features for its video creators.

Susan Wojcicki, YouTube’s CEO, hasn’t yet revealed what exactly is planned, but it’s the first time Google, which owns YouTube, has looked into cryptocurrencies.

Game and entertainment 

#2. The Sandbox Metaverse Teams Up With Warner Music Group

WMG is one of the largest music publishers in the world and is now entering the Metaverse by entering into a new deal with the sandbox game (built on the Ethereum blockchain) to introduce music-related events in the Metaverse. So far, we have seen great artists and singers with their digital performance in virtual concerts, like Ariana Grande in the game Fortnite. Let us see if this collaboration will bring something even more stunning and creative in the virtual sandbox world.

#3. Atari Starts Selling NFT Loot Boxes

Atari, the classic video game brand, has finally entered the world of the Metaverse. To celebrate Atari’s 50th anniversary, the company has released a series of NFT loot boxes it calls “GFT” (for Gifts). Each of these boxes contains one of 10 images inspired by retro titles. Unlike normal video game loot boxes, Atari’s GFTs are opened at a later, specified time and do not reveal their contents at the time of purchase.

We’ll keep an eye out for upcoming news.


#4. China Launches Nationwide Blockchain

 Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC), the country’s central Internet regulatory, censorship, supervisory and oversight agency, continues to show interest in blockchain and NFT adoption despite its anti-crypto stance. It has announced the launch of an internal trial to accelerate the promotion of blockchain and innovation in over 15 regions and 164 organizations. Although it imposed a blanket ban on crypto trading and mining in September 2021.

It seems that they want to keep up with the world without making a deal with it.


#5. More About StockX’s Entry Into Sneaker NFTs

Previously, StockX announced that it was getting into NFTs. in light of Nike and Adidas activities, it doesn’t seem irrelevant. 

StockX’s first NFT venture is Vault, a tool stockX hopes to use to reward high-dollar buyers and collectors.

That was the Hubbub around NFTs

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