NFTs: Reviewing the top news of the past week


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Each week we´ll review the top news about NFTs of the past week what’s good to know. In addition to that we´ll find out which areas or markets are set to be conquered by non-fungible tokens!

Social Media

#1. Twitter launches hexagon-shaped NFT profile pictures

Firstly Twitter has announced that NFT profile pictures are now available to other users. Through this tool, users can present NFTs as profile pictures to keep the platform as up-to-date as the digital world, more than any other social media.

So we can see Twitter as a tech company rushing to capitalise on crypto trends like NFTs in new and different ways.


#2. New Nike Virtual Division

“We have created Nike Virtual Studios, a new division that will operate as an independent studio to build our business around virtual products while also partnering with our core business to deliver best-in-class Web3, Metaverse, and blockchain-based experiences,” John Donahoe, Nike CEO announced in an internal email last week. 

Such plans make Nike more digital, perhaps we are going to hear more about it this year.


#3. NFT marketplace OpenSea buys crypto wallet Dharma Labs, changes CTO

NFT marketplace OpenSea on Tuesday, 18th January said it had bought Dharma Labs, a digital wallet for cryptocurrencies, for an undisclosed amount.

OpenSea was founded in 2017. In its latest funding round, the company has a valuation of USD 13.3 billion. OpenSea said the deal would help it “dramatically improve the experience of buying, minting, and selling NFTs” on its marketplace.


 #4. Lil Pump has released his new song “Mona Lisa” with Soulja Boy

Mona Lisa is not the first music in the entertainment world to be released as a NFT. Due to the significant number of Pump and Boy audiences, this news has exploded the market.

Stream Mona Lisa on spotify

#5. T-Series set to launch NFTs of films and music arts

T-Series has partnered with Hefty Entertainment, a division of Hungama Digital Media, to launch digital art pieces and NFTs for some of their films.

The studio is in the process of finalising the digital arts for the first NFT release.

“We are delighted to be first-movers into the metaverse of entertainment,” said Neeraj Roy, founder, Hungama.

The monthly active users (MAUs) for music, games, and video on Hungama are over 90 million, while over 395 million users subscribe to T-Series’ YouTube channel.

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