North Korea is responsible for $100m crypto heist


Published by Appelink

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) recently announced that the $100 million crypto heist that took place earlier this year was the work of hackers associated with the North Korean government.


This cyberattack is thought to be the largest of its kind, and it has been linked to other high-profile hacks, including the recent WannaCry ransomware attack. The hackers were able to breach the security of many cryptocurrency exchanges around the world, making off with an estimated $100 million in digital assets. The FBI believes that these hackers are associated with a group known as the Lazarus Group, which is widely believed to be supported and sponsored by the North Korean government. Despite the size of the heist, the North Korean hackers were not able to make away with a very large amount of money. Given the digital nature of cryptocurrencies, hackers can use special tools to convert their haul into different, more liquid forms of money.

The FBI is now warning all cryptocurrency exchanges and investors to be extra vigilant when it comes to protecting their digital assets. The bureau also cautioned users to be aware of malicious attacks that could originate from North Korean sources, and to take the necessary steps to protect their coins. The heist has highlighted the risks associated with investing in the cryptocurrency market and has raised questions about the security measures that exchanges must implement to protect their customers’ funds. Many experts believe that this incident could lead to greater regulation of the cryptocurrency industry, which could help to reduce the risk of future cyberattacks.

For now, however, the best protection against similar heists is for cryptocurrency owners and exchanges to remain vigilant and take the necessary security precautions. Only then can crypto holders be sure that their funds will remain safe and secure.

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