Spanish rehabilitation centre takes care of crypto trading addiction


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A rehabilitation centre in Spain has begun to treat crypto trading as an addiction as part of its treatment program. Crypto trading addiction, also known as ‘crypto-addiction,’ is a growing problem among cryptocurrency enthusiasts and is being recognized as a serious issue. The Barcelona-based facility started treating crypto trading addiction in the spring and now offers a whole programme.

The centre is treating the addiction with cognitive behavioural therapy, and patients are taught to identify rational and irrational thoughts in response to their crypto-related activities and to manage their impulses. The current state of the crypto market is contributing to this phenomenon. Crypto prices can be volatile and often move quickly, allowing investors to earn high rates of returns on their investments. Crypto trading has become a popular activity, with the number of people trading cryptocurrencies having doubled over the last year. The centre has reported an increasing number of people trading cryptocurrency and experiencing negative effects from their involvement in the activity. Symptoms of crypto addiction include obsessive thoughts, excessive focus and time spent trading, along with increased risk tolerance and poor financial decision-making. The centre’s director believes that people suffering from crypto-addiction need to be taken seriously and given access to appropriate treatment. He commented: “We believe all forms of addiction should be taken seriously and that treatment should be available. Crypto-addiction is a problem and we are committed to helping those who have become addicted.”

The centre aims to spread the message that cryptocurrency trading should not be an unregulated activity and that those who suffer from crypto addiction should seek help.

Experts believe that by providing treatment for crypto trading addiction, more people will be able to enjoy the benefits of cryptocurrency trading without risking their finances, mental health, and relationships.

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