Sweatcoin︱earning money can be as easy as walking


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What if there was an app that gave you money for every step you took? Earning money would be so easy! And that’s what the Sweatcoin app does. The app counts your steps and exchanges them for cryptocurrency. This concept is called move-to-earn.

The software uses health apps that are already installed on smartphones to track your movement. The steps are counted and converted into “Sweatcoins” (SWC). Approximately 1.000 steps correspond to one SWC, and you can record up to 10.000 daily steps.

The accumulated amount can be paid at a certain point via PayPal or Amazon credit. You also have the option to donate to charities within the app. Furthermore, Sweatcoin offers different marketplaces in each country where people can buy, for example, audiobooks and get discounts for products, including headphones, Puma clothing coupons, or Apple products.

Currently, one Sweatcoin is worth $0.020079, and over 100 million users are registered, making Sweatcoin the number-one app in 58 countries.

The app has a positive financial impact on its users. In addition to this, it’s also a great incentive to move more to increase their daily step count and, in consequence, improve their health.
Sweatcoin not only encourages movement but also brings people together. You can take part in challenges in the app and compete with other users for special prices. Increasing the motivation to move even more.

About the cryptocurrency:

Having your own cryptocurrency extends the utility of the product. The so-called Sweat tokens generate value outside the Sweatcoin ecosystem through the exchange of other cryptocurrencies, liquidity provisions, and stakes. Sweatcoin is a centralised currency that can only be used in-app. Initially, the developers wanted Sweatcoin on the blockchain, but this didn’t work out because the transaction speed was too slow.

How does the Sweat economy earn money?

Many brands like Apple, Starbucks and Amazon work with the app. Advertising and brand partners bring Sweatcoin income as they pay to be featured in the app. Also, buying an upgrade to the free app is possible. With this update, there is no longer a daily step limit, and you can earn SWC for more than 10.000 steps.

Try it for yourself and download the app to earn money while moving your body.

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